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"Thinking (νοησις, 'noesis') in itself is what is best in itself, and what thinking is in the fullest sense is what is best in the fullest sense. Thinking comprehends itself by participating in thought. By engaging in thought and by thinking, it becomes thought, so that thinking and thought are the same. For thinking (νους, 'nous') is the capacity to comprise (δεκτικον, 'dektikon') thought and entity (ουσια, 'ousia'). In comprising both thought and entity it engages in activity and is actualized. It is because of this actuality rather than potentiality that thought seems to partake of the divine. Indeed, the act of theorizing (θεωρια, 'theoria') is most pleasant and best. If then that happiness which we sometimes enjoy is what God always enjoys, this compels our wonder; if it is greater, this compels our wonder even more. And it is so. Indeed, life is divine; for living is the activity (ενεργεια, 'energeia') of thinking, and activity is God. And the activity of God is in itself living at its best and eternal. We say therefore that God is a living being, eternal, most good, so that living and life continuous and eternal are divine; this is God." (Aristotle, Meta./Hegel, Enz., K. Dove and J. Middleton, trans.)

~ Kenley Royce Dove ~

Tributes and Condolences

August 31, 1936 / November 19, 2022

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