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Kenley R. Dove (1936/2022)

"I have come to regard Aristotle and Hegel as the paradigmatic expositors of ancient and modern European civilization. My take on both has been controversial. I would like to think that it will someday become conventional wisdom, but this would be long after I expire. I arrived at an interpretation of Aristotle, and his relationship with Hegel, that might be a decisive element in our understanding of Western, and ultimately, thanks to Hegel, contemporary global civilization. This project is vacuous short of the posthumous recognition of the Aristotle/Hegel connection that I would like. But it just may come."

Excerpted (with minor emendations) from Ken's "A Word to Denis in His 80th Year" (2009).



As a former student of Prof. Dove's, I have dedicated this website to his work and his lasting influence on my 'second nature' of philosophical thinking nurtured in the classrooms of SUNY Purchase. It started with a desire to digitize his dissertation in order to facilitate further study of the Phenomenology and became a project to 'publish' and preserve in one place the full breadth of Prof. Dove's work. covers over half a century of thinking and writing about Aristotle, Hegel, et al. and the 'emancipatory' passage from the ancient to the modern world.

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