Individuality in the Modern World - Kenley R. Dove
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Alienation and the Concept of Modernity - Kenley R. Dove
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"Sing o muse,
sing through me,
sing the wrath of Achilles."

"The assignments from The Odyssey represent the six major episodes of the story. Ideally, each would be read aloud—either by yourself or, better, with a group of friends. Read aloud, each needs about four hours. Consider them as entertainments, perhaps as partial alternatives to the tube for three weeks. You might find the scripts better" (History of Philosophy I: Philosophy in the Polissyllabus).

*    Reader is not author.

**  The inverted commas are inserted as a reminder that the epic poems of Hellas were probably oral compositions based upon performances that extended over generations (K. Dove, "A Brief History of the Will," unpublished).